A 501C3 charity located in Kansas that provides items to kids in foster care.  

We Share Hugs as a non profit 501C3 by providing items to kiddos in foster care.  Whether it is a belonging/laundry bag instead of a trash bag to keep items from getting lost or a pillow or blanket, we check with caseworkers on what is needed and how we can help.  Caseworkers have relayed that it is easy for children's belongings to become lost.  Our mesh belonging bags include a name tag and a place for the caseworker's name.   Some kids come into foster care with nothing.  Made by wonderful volunteers, our blankets and pillows may be the only thing the kiddo & foster care family receives.  We have heard stories from support workers and seen first hand from our foster son how attached the kids become to the blankets & pillows.     A $16 donation will buy 1 blanket & 1 pillow or 1 belonging bag.  Here is a quick PayPal link to make a $16 Donation:  https://paypal.me/sharehugs/16












To date, we have donated 329 blankets, 29 pillows, 133 pair of undies, & 155 belonging bags and we are just getting started.  Sometimes a Hug is All You Need!

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We had our first products to help with our fund raising made from incredible upcycled fabric remnants donated by companies in the furniture industry that believe in our cause.  Currently, we have totes, pencil pouches, and cosmetic bags.  These are great gift items for moms, mother-in-laws, friends, bridesmaids, co-workers, teachers, etc  And, of course, a great gift for you too!   If we want to truly reduce the number of kids in foster care, we need to support for profit and non profit companies training job skills to at risk parents and youth.  In 2016, we plan to expand our product offering by working with companies with programs focusing on these training programs to at risk parents and youth.  

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Say Hello to Share Hugs!

"Two of your pillows went to brothers.  They are 3 & 7.  Their time in care has been less than ideal.  Their mother is addicted to meth and the father is out of the picture.  Those blankets have been their security and only constant.  They take them everywhere.  I was transporting them & had to pull over the car and get the pillows out of the trunk of the car.  It was the only way to calm them down.  Thank you!"


"No words can speak how much the children have LOVED these blankets.  To see first hand excited they've been to receive, then to continue to see each month how attached they are to them.  It is the best feeling.  So, so, so excited for the program!"



What the Caseworkers Say

Terry - St. Francis Support Worker

Jodie - St. Francis Case Worker

A group of volunteers after they completed blankets.

Another wonderful volunteer after completing several blankets.

Thank you to the many groups Sharing Hugs & making blankets! 

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